• History Today, Vol. 72 No. 9

History Today

History Today, Vol. 72 No. 9

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History Today is a serious, illustrated, history magazine that's been in publication since 1951. 

In this issue:

  • Reading the Rosetta Stone
  • Miners flocking to the American frontier in search of fortunes established their own brand of vigilante justice in the court of 'Judge Lynch'
  • Elizabeth Stuart inspired unswerving loyalty among her supporters, as her namesake, Elizabeth I, had before her. It was a comparison she embraced.
  • In the highlands of Vietnam, at the high noon of French colonialism, a duplicitous soldier set out to establish a new kingdom, with himself as ruler.
  • Naval convoys thwarted enemy efforts to blockade Britain's trade during the Napoleonic Wars. Victory would not have been possible without them.

London, UK; 170 x 240mm; 112 pages; Monthly

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