• Hole & Corner #23

Hole & Corner

Hole & Corner #23

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Hole & Corner is published biannually, dedicated to stories of craft, beauty, passion and skill.  

In this issue: With nurture as their theme, Hole & Corner take us into the worlds of an array of craftspeople. We meet Jude Rogers to witness a gathering of generations of musicians and maestri who come together to lose themselves in music; We spend a day on a Kentish farm where flocks of Merino and Romney sheep are reared alongside a flower garden in a pilot project where yarn and dyes are grown from the same soil; We find an artist who builds layer upon layer of pigment to create extraordinary surfaces that positively vibrate; We pause to plant the tiniest of seeds and see what will grow; And we meet a cohort of metalsmith, wire artist, cabinet maker and weaver, then a sculptor who works with lichen and eelgrass. 

London, UK; 240 x 350mm; 148 pages; Biannual

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