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i-D #369

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i-D is a British bimonthly magazine published by Vice Media, dedicated to fashion, music, art and youth culture. They have built their reputation on being a consistent source of inspiration in fashion culture since 1980.

In this issue: Initially inspired by the i-D of the early 2000s, when the magazine evolved into a publication that was bigger, glossier and more fashion-focused, The Ultra! Issue was inspired by fashion photography, fashion styling, print graphics and expansive layouts. From 80s zine, to 90s style bible, to 00s fashion magazine, to the cultural time capsule that it is today, one thing holds true throughout this evolution: i-D is a celebration of print publishing. In a time of constant flux, one thing is certain: the algorithm may change, but this physical print publication will always exist as an archive of our time.

London, U.K., 230mm x 298 mm, 440 pages, Fall 2022

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