• Icarus Complex #4

Icarus Complex

Icarus Complex #4

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Icarus Complex offers an in-depth look at issues and solutions surrounding climate change. Though they want you to feel the urgency of the threats our planet is facing, they don’t want you to become overwhelmed or hopeless. 

In this issue: When the first issue of this magazine was launched back in 2019, amid the global youth protests for climate action and awareness, the understanding was that we had a 12-year window to avert the worst of climate change. Given the galvanizing nature of the protests and global youth mobilization that ushered in reverential posturing by politicians in the western world infront of these newly minted young icons, there was a glimmer of hope that we might finally be heading in the right direction. What happened next of course was our collective reckoning with a global pandemic. Priorities shifted. What could have been the golden opportunity to bring about global systemic change was side-lined with the usual short-termism that has brought about the problems plaguing this world in the first place. (How about our dependency on Russian fossil fuels?) Only three years have elapsed, but the latest IPCC report has reduced the prospect of that 12-year timeline to a mere 3 years. What already felt like a monumental challenge feels like an impossibility now – especially in a world that is still beset by nationalist conflicts. But let’s not lose hope nor heart.

London & Luxembourg; 170 x 240mm; 148 pages; Biannual

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