• Inuit Art Quarterly #35.2

Inuit Art Quarterly

Inuit Art Quarterly #35.2

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Since 1986, the Inuit Art Quarterly has been dedicated to the advancement and appreciation of Inuit and circumpolar Indigenous arts.

In this issue: In the Moment: The Transformation of Transportation in Inuit Art by Gayle Uyagaqi Kabloona; Temporal Loop by Sue Carter; Shuvinai Ashoona by Heather Von Steinhagen; Myra Kukiiyaut by Tarralik Duffy; Nurrahaq by Kaitlyn Purcell; Back in Them Days by Aimee Chaulk; Flower Blossoms by Chantal Jung

Toronto, Canada; 230mm x 310mm; 72 pages; 2022

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