• Kindling Magazine #3


Kindling Magazine #3

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Welcome to Kindling: the new magazine from the people from Kinfolk magazine, for people with children!

This is the imagination issue. Here's what the makers of Kindling have to say about it:

In the Imagination Issue, we chart the joy, terror and philosophical quandaries that come with raising a child. There are features on digital play, childhood fears and the unwritten rules of children’s music, plus an interview with designer Cas Holman about why “good toys make good people.” Also inside the issue: Former California surgeon general Nadine Burke Harris on childhood traumas and what can be done to mitigate them, Christine Sun Kim on art and motherhood, and your questions answered: Is Mean Girls’ Mrs. George a cool mom, a regular mom, or actually a really good mom? Why do kids love garbage trucks? How can I get my child to realize I’m a person too?

Portland, Oregon; 165mm x 235mm; 120 pages; Summer 2022

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