• Kinfolk #45


Kinfolk #45

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Kinfolk discusses home, work, style and culture through a lens that emphasizes quality of life and strives to connect international creatives to form a global community. 

In this issue: Every human engagement with nature will leave its mark. In The Great Outdoors Issue, we meet the people thinking about how to mediate these contact moments in fresh and nuanced ways. They include garden creator Piet Oudolf, Snow Peak fashion designer Lisa Yamai, explorer Ella Al-Shamahi and underwater archeologist Ayana Omilade Flewellen. Plus: Yoga with Adriene, writing with Zawe Ashton, a Parisian home tour with the founders of Galerie Chenel and a Romain Laprade fashion editorial that brings new flair to the notion of camouflage.

Portland, Oregon; 225 x 295mm; 2022

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