• Kookie #18


Kookie #18

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Kookie is a magazine with a mission, to celebrate all that a girl can be. Whether she’s passionate about science or sport, art or astronomy, history or hip hop, she’s going to love Kookie. That’s why they call it a magazine for smart cookies everywhere.

In this issue:

  • Place names in addresses campaigner, Rachael McPhail, interviewed by her niece and Kookie reader, Mia
  • Get Growing: how to be an indoor farmer
  • The Shield of Meh: a story about discovering your superpower by Melissa Salisbury, illustrated by Chanté Timothy
  • Ace of Skates: a cool new comic by Kit Lane
  • Make It: recycle an old shirt to make a cute cutlery pouch
  • Heroes of History: Annette Kellerman was an aquatic adventurer, in an illustrated life story by Adeline Fleuve
Bristol, UK; 195 x 265mm; 52 pages; 100% ad-free
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