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Living Hyphen #2.2

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Living Hyphen is a magazine that explores the experiences of hyphenated Canadians. 

From the team on Issue 2, Volume 2:

Issue 2.2: Healing Across Generations, a continuation on our intergenerational conversation.

To be displaced – whether voluntarily or forced, violently or subtly, from abroad or right here on this land – that is, to be removed or to remove oneself from one’s home invariably comes with loss. The trauma of that loss seeps across time. The violence of that pain bleeds across generations.

This issue is an invitation to confront this pain, to touch the centre of our sorrow, and to begin healing these tender wounds. It is an invitation to create the space to grow and blossom.

Issue 2.2 of the Living Hyphen magazine brings you a collection of sixty pieces of poetry, prose, photography, and visual art capturing all the ways in which we heal.

Toronto, Canada; 113 pages

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