• LOST iN #16, Zurich


LOST iN #16, Zurich

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LOST iN is a travel guide for people who prefer their itineraries low-key and their souvenirs intangible—unless they’re of the impeccably-designed variety. It's a guide for those on first-name terms with the places they visit, free from tourist traps and full of ways to discover what it is that makes the world’s greatest cities all that great. 

In this issue: 

LOST iN Zurich is—Fish fresh from the lake, a hidden cocktail bar, rooftop views, concerts in a furniture shop, horse steak in a diner, a 24-hour bakery for the party crowd.. get lost in the city of fine art and wild nature

  •  Includes 5 long-form interviews with celebrated locals on their relationship with Zurich and their absolute favourite spots there
  • A selection of the hottest places to visit in two of the city’s most charismatic neighbourhoods
  • A selection of our top picks for the entire city
  • An in-depth story about the Swiss capital’s seedy underbelly 
  • A dreamy showcase by fine art photographer Douglas Mandry
  • An original and commanding piece of fiction by author Thomas Meyer
  • Shopping guide
  • Recommended books, films & music to get you in the Zurich state of mind

Berlin, Germany; 160mm x 210mm; 68 pages; paperback; also a mobile app!

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