• Lunch Lady #25

Lunch Lady

Lunch Lady #25

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Lunch Lady is a colourful, thoughtful and full-of-cheek publication that reminds parents to keep things in perspective and have fun.

In this issue: 

  • Wild Edibles
  • Rewilding with Claire Dunn
  • Learning To Sew on Leaves
  • Sit Spots
  • Dr. Jodi Richardson and the Anxious Mind
  • Aseel Taylah 
  • Pretty Picnic Sandwiches
  • Flower Rice Paper Rolls
  • Green Savoury Waffles with Heirloom
  • Za’atar Bread
  • Arabic Salad
  • Lavender Lemonade with Lavender Gin
  • Lavender Gin Daisy

Australia; 190mm x 240mm; 167 pages

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