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Magazine B #82

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Magazine B is an ad-less monthly publication that introduces one well-balanced brand per issue, unearthed from around the globe. not only shares untold stories behind the brand, but also its sentiment and culture that any readers interested in brand marketing and management can leaf through with ease.

This issue features Bali: Unlike the mainland, where the world's largest Muslim population lives, Bali, the volcanic island of Indonesia, has formed a unique local culture in which most of its inhabitants practice Hinduism. For the Balinese, Hinduism is a belief and is the core of social and spiritual life that has had the greatest influence on dance, painting, architecture, as well as culture as a whole. With the development and expansion of Ngurah Rai International Airport in the 1970s, starting with Australian surfers, the first generation of foreigners in Bali, foreigners from all over the world fascinated by beautiful nature, traditional culture that has been preserved for nearly 1,000 years, and a sense of balance unique to Balinese. Found this Bali. In addition, in recent years, as creative talents who want to take care of themselves or seek a sustainable future through yoga and meditation are flocking to Bali, it is emerging as an alternative life mecca with value beyond the traditional tourism industry.

South Korea; 170x240mm; 184 pages

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