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Magazine F #3

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Magazine F is a food documentary magazine cocreated by B and Baemin, a Korean food delivery unicorn startup. Each issue introduces one ingredient that has had a significant impact on the table around the world, with particular focus on how everyday ingredients are produced, how they are used from region to region, what the economic impact is, and how chefs handle each ingredient. In short, F encompasses the past, the present, and the future of food culture.

This issue is all about chicken: Chicken is a popular ingredient because it is relatively easy to produce, including breeding and management, and has excellent nutritional value for money. Worldwide, nearly 90 million tonnes of chicken are consumed each year, with a population of 40 billion. This is a higher figure than cattle, pigs, and sheep, which are representative food livestock, and it is free from religious taboos in a specific region or culture, so it is positioned as a food of harmony across nations, religions and cultures. The fact that chicken dishes that symbolize cities and regions can be easily found in numerous places is also due to the universality and equality of the ingredient chicken.

Seoul, South Korea; 170mm x 240mm; 148 pages 

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