• Maisonneuve #85


Maisonneuve #85

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Maisonneuve has been described as a new New Yorker for a younger generation, or as Harper's meets Vice, or as Vanity Fair without the vanity—but Maisonneuve is its own creature. At its core, Maisonneuve asks questions about our lives and provides answers free of cant and cool.

In this issue:

  • Asian supermarkets have become a one-stop shop for cultural identity. Katia Lo Innes wonders if consumerism comes at the cost of community.
  • Washing meat is a tradition in Black homes, writes Jody Anderson. The practice shouldn’t need defending.
  • Abandoning the desire to make a perfect cake, Chantal Braganza finds meaning in the mess.
  • Métis people have always asserted sovereignty through their food knowledge. Samantha Nock’s family carries on the tradition through kitchen table governance.
  • From her nenek's kitchen, Sofia Osborne shares a recipe for holding her grandmother close.
  • In a country with countless culinary options, Jadine Ngan asks why it's so hard to find food from the Philippines.
  • It’s not easy being hot and serving ice cream waffle sandwiches at the Ex, Alexandra Kimball knows—but someone has to do it.
  • As climate change threatens global food security, Ruth Kamnitzer explains how seeds of the past are safeguarding food for the future.

Montreal, Canada; 200 x 275mm; 64 pages; Fall 2022

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