• Maisonneuve #86


Maisonneuve #86

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Maisonneuve has been described as a new New Yorker for a younger generation, or as Harper's meets Vice, or as Vanity Fair without the vanity—but Maisonneuve is its own creature.

At its core, Maisonneuve asks questions about our lives and provides answers free of cant and cool.

In this issue:

  • On Reflection: Angelina Mazza spends a lot of time looking at her body. And yet, she explains, she’s never truly seen it.
  • End of the Line: For Scarborough residents, the closure of a major transit system means losing more than a mode of transportation.
  • The Sun of Its Parts: When a blue whale dies, asks Allison LaSorda, are we grieving for the animals or ourselves?
  • Right of Way: Urban landers have long known how to keep pedestrians safe on our streets, Lana Hill reports. Canadian cities are letting them die anyway.
  • And more…

Montreal, Canada; 200 x 275mm; 64 pages; Winter 2022

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