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MASS magazine is the sculptural sister of Turps Painting Magazine. Of MASS, editor-in-chief Marcus Harvey write, 

"In the same spirit with which Turps Banana Painting Magazine spans the conversation from the painter’s palette to the gallery wall, so to MASS magazine intends to explore the urge to manipulate material from the sculptor’s thumbs to the museum floor. Our remit is by no means about clay figures in all directions, but consciously embraces undervalued and neglected skills and processes that deliver the thrill of manipulating form in space, in both historical and contemporary contexts"

In this issue:

  • Henry Moore's Helmet Heads: Edmundo Arigita talks to curator Toby Capwell
  • Ana Genovés and Kerry Stewart in conversation
  • Cy Twombly: Sculpture by Giuseppe Marasco
  • Maud Cotter: linked
  • Jeremy Butler by Krzysztof Fijalkowski
  • Neil Walton talks to Cathie Pilkington
  • Nicky Hirst in conversation with Matt Calderwood
  • Angela de la Cruz and Amikam Toren: Chairs
  • Si Sapsford: 3D Clay Printer
  • Stephen Nelson and Kabir Hussain in conversation
  • Neil Gall and David Gates: Backyard Sculpture
  • Sofia Silva on the Destruction of Monuments

London, U.K.; 210mm x 260mm; 80 pages; March 2022

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