• Mildew #01
  • Mildew #01

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Mildew #01

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Mildew is an annual print magazine about secondhand fashion and creative reuse, featuring art and writing that inspires us to think about old clothes in new ways. Mildew is a guide to dressing in the spirit of our times and reveling in the decay of fashion as we knew it.

In this issue: 

In Mildew Issue 1, we tour flea markets in Japan, Mexico, and Nigeria; a special tag shows us the people behind our clothes; we get swept off our feet in a Xalapa period romance; Goldies Vintage proves that people weren't actually "smaller back then"; we unravel the mystery behind a cult pair of Western jeans and eavesdrop on a meeting of the National Button Society; Pia Camil airs out her dirty laundry; Eva Joan Repair embroiders flames on our asses; and two writers reveal why moms are the ultimate style inspiration.

United States; 200x265mm; 90 pages

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