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Mold #5

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Mold is a design magazine and the future of food.

In this issue: An interview with the great activist and author, Dr. Vandana Shiva; A feature about the importance of the Shakers and spiritual design; Photography by Amy Li, Maggie Shannon, David Brandon Geeting and studio Romain Lenancker; And contributions from chefs including Selassie Atadika (Midunu), DeVonn Francis (Yardy), Angela Dimayuga (NYTimes contributor), Lexie Smith (Bread on Earth), designers Saxton Randolph, Ladies and Gentlemen studio, Chiaozza, Mae-ling Lokko, and seed stewards Vivien Sansour (Palestinian Heirloom Seed Library), farmer Kristyn Leach and educator Owen Taylor. 

New York, USA; 220 x 300mm; 152 pages; 2021

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