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Oh-So #3

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Rob Hewitt founded Oh-So after his daughter took an interest in skateboarding. When they went to buy her a skateboard, they notice that the selection was male-dominated, and she questioned why she couldn't find something she liked. Oh-So is a magazine that celebrates the global female skateboarding scene. 

In this issue: Highlighting some female skateboarders who act mindfully to produce positive, memorable impressions — we hope they leave a lasting (an inspiring) impression on you too. One person who will leave a lasting impression on the world of skateboarding and who has set the standard for them all is Leticia Bufoni. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to interview Letica, Karen Jonz, Ynidara Asp, Dora Varella and so many others. We believe this is our best issue yet -- we think you will think so too.

New York, USA; 210 x 270mm; 88 pages; 2019

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