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Oh-So #4

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Rob Hewitt founded Oh-So after his daughter took an interest in skateboarding. When they went to buy her a skateboard, they notice that the selection was male-dominated, and she questioned why she couldn't find something she liked. Oh-So is a magazine that celebrates the global female skateboarding scene. 

In this issue: Celebrating the natural talent of 13-year-old Misugu Okamoto. Misugu is a unique talent, at press time she is riding 6 consecutive win's in competition and was aptly named Japan’s Action Sports “Skater of the Year” for 2019! Not bad for someone who’s only been skating for 5 years. We are also grateful to have had the opportunity to interview Amelia Brodka, Hayley Wilson, Maddy Balt, and so many others. We know you will like this issue it is action-packed with great photography and intimate thoughts from some of the best in women’s skateboarding.

New York, USA; 210 x 270mm; 88 pages; 2020

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