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Ottawa Design Club #3, RAW

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The Ottawa Design Club is a group of creatives with a dream of uniting the design community in Ottawa. With inspiration from the Montreal Design Club, our founder, Isabelle (Izzy) Poirier, and cofounder, Ariane Bédard, came together in 2020 to create a safe and inclusive space for local artists to share their work and meet new people with a similar passion.

As a side-project during the pandemic, The O.D.C. also started curating zines. With the support of their community, they have been able to publish several zine editions, each with its own unique theme, design, and multi sensorial experience.

Issue 0003 explores the multi-layered meaning of RAW. The unprocessed, the unpolished, the unfiltered. 

Contributors: Meg Davis, Amanda Gorman, Toby, Alexia Kokozaki, Cait Thomson, Guylaine Couture, Jiji Ugboma, Ajeebsir, Colin White, Leanne Lovsin, Pamela Leszczynski, Priya Gurnani, Shawn S. Choi, Shiva Moin, Jasmin Bollman, Willem Deisinger, Tiffany April, Tim Singleton, Dion, Unripe Spillage, Eloy Bida, Jesse Jones, Lindsey Baguio Gerhard, Kris M. Davis, Liam Jackson, Mathilda Meng, Matt Hertendy, Mazarine Memon, Carissa Grondin, Abdullah 'Lulu' Khan, Zamzam Turki, Nick Noble, Reg Albino, Chanel Reid, Ariane Bédard, Isabelle Poirier

Ottawa, Ontario; 93 pages; 139mm x 216mm; each cover is uniquely and personally spray painted; Summer/Autumn 2021

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