• PAUL.E #2
  • PAUL.E #2
  • PAUL.E #2



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Born in 2009, around the values ​​of unity, benevolence, diversity and freedom, Paulette magazine became PAUL.E in September 2022.

PAUL.E has worked since its inception to raise awareness about the representation of women and gendered people, is reborn and naturally continues its evolution as an inclusive, aesthetic and inspiring media. The mission remains the same: to highlight the voices and looks of those we don't hear enough. PAUL.E stands out as a gender-neutral 360 media brand, which is committed to conveying strong and creative messages with a pioneering eye and premium artistic direction. Then there is love, which punctuates the editorial line, but also the teams of this magazine on a daily basis. Love, this midpoint, this bond that UNITS us all, today and tomorrow.

This is their second issue, featuring:

  • The New Age of Masculinities
  • Panayotis Pascot
  • Amaarae
  • Guillaume Diop
  • Ceval Omar

& more!

Paris, France; 230mm x 300mm; 286 pages; biannual and bilingual, in French and English

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