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Perfect is an independent new title representing a departure from the traditional and familiar fashion magazine format. Contributors range from the world’s biggest fashion names to diverse emerging talents in the art of image-making. Perfect offers an equal platform to all creators, enabling them to best express their widespread visions.

For Issue Zero, Perfect collaborated with Gucci to produce Notes from the Underground, inviting musical artists from the independent, experimental and avant pop fringes to perform exclusively for Perfect˙ across a variety of media. Where the pandemic restrictions allowed, Gucci’s musical director, Steve Mackey, photographed the artists, and when he could not, they photographed themselves. These images are infused with an after-dark atmosphere of a gig in some intimate underground venue, and feature in the debut issue of Perfect, the agency’s new print magazine, alongside interviews with the artists.

More in this issue:

  • Acts of fashion: Bridget Foley considers fashions purpose in the wake of the pandemic
  • Artist Laetitia Ky’s powerful and beautiful hair sculptures
  • A round-up of the spring collections, from grand houses to newcomers fresh from fashion school

Dijon, France; 500+ pages; 310mm x 310mm; glossy hardcover

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