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PhotoED Magazine, Fashion x Future

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PhotoED isCanada's photography magazine. From emerging artists to established photographers, PhotoED magazine shares diverse photography stories in a brand new light.

This issue, themed 'Fashion X Future', was curated by Djenabé a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist, producer, and art director for @Aquarius.Mood. She says, “In this issue, I was keen to share future-focused stories, make space for imagination, and explore the two-headed entity that has influenced all of my creative inclinations: fashion and the future.

Included inside:

  • Resources We Love by Alan Bulley
  • The BIPOC photography mentorship program
  • Emerging photographers from across Canada tell us how they see the future of photography
  • Christopher Schmitt's (Virtual) Perception of Reality
  • Patricia Ellah's Fashion Forward Frames
  • Richard Bernardin speaks about the importance of The Muse

Toronto, Ontario; 215mm x 280mm; 3x/year; Spring/Summer 2022

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