• PIN-UP #33
  • PIN-UP #33
  • PIN-UP #33
  • PIN-UP #33


PIN-UP #33

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PIN–UP is a New York-based magazine focused on pure architectural entertainment — the meeting point of architecture, art, and design.

In this issue:  

  • Interviews with artists Doru Olowu and Robert Paige
  • A history of the Barbie Dreamhouse A
  • portfolio on San Diego
  • A study of American objects from the Smithsonian collection
  • Studio visits with artists Andy Harman and Carsten Höller
  • A celebration of 40 years of Storefront for Art & Architecture
  • The allure of Tiffany & Co.
  • American essays on casinos, McMansions, Cape Cod, Romaine lettuce, and the 2028 L.A. Olympics
  • Keywords with Mindy Seu, Mark Wigley, and Emily Adams Bode Aujla
  • A paper exhibition on contemporary American practice in collaboration with SIZED
  • Plus design, design, design — from blankets to Le Bambole, from Castiglioni to Formafantasma, and USM NYC BY BEN GANZ, a collection designed in collaboration with USM Modular Furniture, and presented by PIN-UP HOME.


New York, U.S.A; 230mm x 282mm; 240 pages; Fall/Winter 2022/23

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