• Pipette #10


Pipette #10

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Pipette is an independent, print-only magazine about natural wines. Their tenth issue is the conclusion of their editorial adventure, to be celebrated with a toast!

In this issue: 

  • An essay by Hannah Fuellenkemper on the art of winter pruning
  • The adventures of Domestique Wine with natural Virginia wine and cider and spontaneously fermented beer
  • A photographic essay on Clos Bateau, a new natural wine project in Beaujolais
  • Interview with Judith Beck (Burgenland) on the conversion of her vineyards to biodynamics and on the search for her own "style" as a winemaker
  • A long interview with South Australia's Manon Farm about learning organic, non-irrigation farming
  • A story by Diletta Sereni on natural vinification in the Venice lagoon
  • Writer Mason Powell on the emerging "harvest ale" or wine-beer hybrids movement
  • Winery visits: Matassa (Roussillon, FR), Catherine Riss (Alsace, FR), Glow Glow (Nahe, Germany)

New York, USA; 160mm x 240mm; 96 pages; 2021

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