• Pipette #9


Pipette #9

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Pipette is an independent, print-only magazine about natural wines. They published ten issues in total. 

In this issue: 

  • An interview with the first (and only!) natural winemaker in Finland
  • An essay by Brooklyn wine professional Alex Alan on how post-2020 New York restaurant culture might look
  • A long, powerful interview with Lauren Friel of Rebel Rebel (Boston) on why natural wine is definitely political and what she’s doing about it
  • The story behind the iconic “Vine Wine Sign”
  • A feature on Joy Kull aka La Villana (Lazio, Italy)
  • A photo essay by Twin Island Cider (British Columbia) documents their own clay harvesting and vessel-making process.

New York, USA; 160mm x 240mm; 96 pages; 2021

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