• Port #30


Port #30

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Established in 2011, Port publishes essays and profiles from the world’s foremost and iconic practitioners in fields such as art, design, architecture, food, film and literature, alongside timeless examples of fashion. 

In this issue: actors Orlando Bloom, Toheeb Jimoh and Anson Boon; writers George the Poet and Preti Taneja; architect Eyal Weizman; artists Hew Locke and Lexie Smith; photographers Mark Ruwedel and Kalpesh Lathigra; chef Nuno Mendes; woodworker Sophie Sellu; alongside writing from Seán Hewitt, Douglas Kennedy, Irene Solà, Brian Patrick Eha and Refaat Alareer.

London, UK; 230 x 300mm; 320 pages

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