• Posterzine #72
  • Posterzine #72


Posterzine #72

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Posterzine is People of Print’s monthly publishing project, which aims to create affordable art for the masses. Each issue is made in collaboration with a different artist or designer to create a stunning hybrid piece: a mini-magazine which folds out into a gorgeous A1 format poster printed on G.F.Smith Papers, featuring exclusive interviews in woven throughout. 

It is the only poster in the world that is registered with the British Library as a magazine. Posterzine is published by People of Print (In Perpetuum) in partnership with Pressision Printers & Finishers & G.F. Smith Papers.

Issue 072: No Means No

  • Trigger warning:
    Sexual violence and abuse

    For this special edition of Posterzine, we’ve partnered with The Survivor’s Trust to shine a light on the issue of sexual violence and abuse. According to the charity, one in four women and one in six men in the UK will experience rape, sexual abuse, or sexual violence at some point in their life.

    “We want to see a society where everyone understands the issues around rape and sexual abuse, and every survivor can easily access specialist sexual violence counselling and support locally, free of charge and for as long as it is needed,” says The Survivor’s Trust, which works as a membership agency for more than 120 specialist rape and sexual abuse organisations in the UK. Here the charity tells us more about the impact of sexual violence and abuse — and what needs to change to stop it from happening.

    Including beautiful imagery created by Elizabeth Ilsley,London-based artist, designer, model, and DJ.  Inspired by old pornography and reappropriating the gaze, Elizabeth writes witty one-liners and gives the viewer a laugh in the gallery almost forgotten in contemporary times. 

  • Includes a fold out A1 poster.

London, U.K.; 210mm x 297mm,

594mm x 841mm when folded open

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