• Profane #14


Profane #14

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Profane is a French independent magazine that moves between art and collecting and is characterized by truly experimental graphics.  It's dedicated to the amateur, artist or collector, novice or expert, fervent admirer or creator in his spare time.

In this issue: 
  • A man remembers the recycling center near his childhood home as a bargain-hunting secret that he shares with his grandfather.
  • Another man grows cement trees in his garden whose evergreen leaves are withered consumables.
  • A woman uses clothes racks and other hangers with clips that she will no longer use to hang her paintings.
  • A man fishes up pieces of plastic on the Greek shores, the raw material for handmade masks.
  • A woman picks up the bark of a cut tree to root it again in paintings.
  • A woman archives dust bunnies for their chromatic quality.

Paris, France; 155 x 230mm; 242 pages; Bi-annual


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