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RACEWKND, World Champions

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RACEWKND is a new magazine for Formula 1 fans that was successfully funded through Kickstarter during the lockdown. It celebrates the circuits, cities, and culture of the race weekend with award-winning photography, cutting-edge design, and world-class storytelling — all packaged in an oversized format that immerses the reader in the action.

Issue 4: “World Champions”

Issue 4 is broken down into three sections: 

  • Part 01 - Portfolio: Photographs by Rainer Schlegelmilch and the Motorsport Images Archive
  • Part 02 - We Are The Champions: World Championship Winning Drivers and the Eras that Defined Them
  • Part 03 - The Politics of Racing: Racing’s Rule Makers (And Rule Breakers)

Vancouver, Canada; 260 x 380mm; 136 pages

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