• Raquet #20


Raquet #20

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Racquet is a quarterly magazine that celebrates the art, ideas, style and culture that surround tennis.

In celebration of Wimbledon’s Centre Court, which turns 100 this year, Raquet presents Issue 19, entirely filtered through the prism of that storied court. It’s cover features Althea Gibson, the first Black athlete to win the Slam, painted by Marcus Brutus.

In this issue: 

The Balance of Power: More than any other player of his era, Ivan Lendl has shaped the modern game.

A Strong Effort: If you’re doing any spectating this summer, let this DJ save your life.

Freeway of Love: The Rancho Cienega Courts in L.A. showcase a promising future and a colorful past.

And much more….

Washington, U.S.; 191 x 241 mm; 120 pages; published quarterly

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