• Real Review #12

Real Review

Real Review #12

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Real Review is a quarterly contemporary culture magazine with the strapline "what it means to live today".

In this issue: 
  • Have we changed? We interview archaeologist David Wengrow on the dawn of everything.
  • Philosophers Slavoj Zizek and Timothy Morton agree about the future of humans on planet Earth.
  • Design studio Metahaven contributes an insert on the stuff of experience and sensation.
  • Photographer Tacita Dean captures a boat abandoned at sea.
  • An essay by Ursula K. Le Guin reviews the Hero narrative, with photography by Magali Reus.
  • Film curator Róisín Tapponi reviews fake nails, while Jack Self reviews lateral flow tests and mindfulness.

London, UK; 115 x 260mm; 104 pages

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