• Rouleur #113


Rouleur #113

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Each issue of Rouleur is classic and collectible, bringing together the very best cycling writers and photographers to convey the essence, passion, and beauty of road racing. 

In this issue:  Inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes it strikes out of a clear blue sky and sometimes we need to go looking for it, though for us as cyclists and fans of cycling, it is never too far away. We’re spoiled for choice for inspirational stories in cycling, as Rouleur 113 demonstrates. The heroes and heroines of road cycling, such as Lorena Wiebes and Jai Hindley, are inspiring in the way they have fought for and found success. But we also find inspiration in the landscapes and great climbs of cycling, such as Mont Ventoux. Rouleur 113 will make you want to ride and to engage more with our sport, and isn’t that inspiring in itself?

London, UK; 210 x 290mm; 148 pages; Quarterly

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