• Rubbish Famzine #11
  • Rubbish Famzine #11

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Rubbish Famzine #11

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Rubbish Famzine is a bi-annual family zine created and produced by the Lim family in Singapore – mum Claire, dad Pann, daughter Aira and son Renn. The publication has recorded their lives together for the best part of ten years. What started as a souvenir of their family trip to Tokyo in 2013 has grown issue by issue into an annual extravaganza of storytelling and finishing techniques.

Issue #11, subtitled ‘Based on a True Story’, is based around the four family member’s love of movies and their shared collections of movie memorabilia. It is chock full of eclectic ephemera, original writing, and beautifully curated photographic odes to the family's favs.

Published by the Lim family in Singapore; 147mm x 200mm; 248 pages; Annual; This issue includes 4'' 'GoatBuster' resin action figure!; Limited print run, 300 copies!!!

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