• Sali e Tabacchi Journal #03
  • Sali e Tabacchi Journal #03
  • Sali e Tabacchi Journal #03

Sali e Tabacchi Journal

Sali e Tabacchi Journal #03

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Sali e Tabacchi Journal is a publication which explores the relationship between the creative arts and Italys unknown rituals, habits and traditions. The magazine was founded by journalist and content creator Elisa Carassai and art director and graphic designer Leonardo Pellegrino.

In this issue: Just as archaeologists reconstructed civilizations from individual fragments, Riv.03: Biophilia seeks to rediscover the worlds of Mediterranean flora and fauna, questioning the ways in which they can be investi- gated and preserved, popularizing and defending traditions and cul- tures. Among other social, geopolitical and ecological manifestations of food, flora and fauna in our society, the issue seeks to approach is- sues related to notions of soil, seeds and access to resources; cultural identity and the ways in which humans, nature and technology can coexist; collective memory and knowledge production; as well as the possibility of allowing oneself to be open to the act of wonder and endless experimentation in an unrelenting approach to the animal and plant world, and its possibilities in the future to come.


Milan, Italy; 210x270mm; 192 pages



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