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See All This #26

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See All This is a Dutch art magazine, published quarterly. It's an enthusiastic and compelling guide to the most striking art in the Netherlands and beyond. With special interviews and adventurous background stories about art, photography, fashion, nature and travel. 

In this issue: Get ready to sink your teeth into our meatiest song ever, inspired by the work of artist Francis Bacon who blurs the lines between man and beast. Revel in two hundred pages of flesh in all its manifestations, against a backdrop of the full spectrum of human skin tones. Be enchanted by mythical creatures, half man, half beast, deities whose connection to the natural world proves to possess something superhuman. See All This #26 explores our loving relationship with other animals, and is a necessary reminder that we are all flesh in the end. 

Netherlands; 205 x 270mm; 192 pages; English and Dutch-Language; Quarterly

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