• Seen #5: Dreams

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Seen #5: Dreams

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Seen is a journal of film and visual culture focused on Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities globally, published in print and online by BlackStar Projects.

Issue #5 is The Dreams Issue:

Dreaming of Post-Colonial Videogames; What Constitutes the Future? A Roundtable on Afrofuturism; Osheen Siva's Hopeful, Gooey Futurism; In The Loop with Lorraine O'Grady; Studio Visit with Kenny Rivero; Life is but Missy Elliot's Dream; Relating to Natures; Prophecies and their Portals; The Pragmatics of Remembering; and more!


Anaïs Duplan, Aurella Yussuf, Beandrea July, Cauleen Smith, Clarkisha Kent, Deborah Anzinger, Dessane Lopez Cassell, Flordalis Espinal, Ifeanyi Awachie, Iris Torres-Gatherer, Isabel Ling, Jasmin Hernandez, Kambole Campbell, Kareem Reid, Kenny Rivero, Lakshmi Padmanabhan, Lizania Cruz, Lou Cornum, Rashida Bumbray, Rianna Jade Parker, Rohini Kejriwal, Widline Cadet, Xia Gordon

New York, U.S.A.; 200mm x 250mm; 204 pages

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