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The process of moving between the past, rebuilding, and the future. Shifting has multiple meanings. It signifies the transformational nature of this pandemic, how it has changed the lives and communities of South Asians across Toronto. It also captures the different phases of these last two years. Uncertainty has defined this time and it continues to do so. Now, we are at the most critical time of change; we must reflect on how to shift forward without undermining the ongoing effects of this pandemic. This is the first issue of SHIFTING, a zine series dedicated to capturing the ever-changing nature of our broader social, political, and cultural values.

About the artists:

Wardah Malik’s work focuses on rule of law, gender equality, and ethnic minority citizenship rights. She has led, designed, and coordinated programs for Journalists for Human Rights and the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians. Wardah holds an MPhil in World History from the University of Cambridge.

Tooba Syed is a graphic designer and creative director based in Toronto. Her work is multi-disciplinary in nature and often rooted in social advocacy and identity politics. Tooba is an OCAD grad and currently works as a Design Lead at DEPT.

By Wardah Malik and Tooba Syed; 2022; 216x280mm; 14 pages; Digital Print; Zine Shine 2024

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