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Stella Publication #0

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Stellapublication is the first sustainable and across platform publishing start-up from Italy. This printed and digital biannual arises from the intersection ethics and aesthetics. Stella’s appeal is in its crisp graphics and outstanding photographic quality. It’s powerful without sacrificing form. Our goal is to build a global community whose denominator is the pleasure of finding content which nourishes the mind and stimulates a conversation among diverse voices. Composed exclusively with the environment in mind, it serves as an ambassador for the green economy. Stella is totally committed to these values.

This issue #0 represents the world in limbo, without knowing when the light will come back on. In spite of this moment, there is a desire for change and the moral and ethical code are kept in sight. From this moment on, Stella will give its cover to an artist who will sign the logo by hand.

Milan, Italy; 210x290mm; 98 pages; double cover; Special extra content: NFT video hotel mediterraneo

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