• Suitcase #38


Suitcase #38

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Suitcase is a collectible travel magazine. Its strapline is "discover what matters" and their aim is to bridge cultures and connect people.

Volume 38 is all about Flavour:

Most often, it's the tastes, aromas and ingredients of a destination that anchor it in our memory long after we've left. From Hong Kong's seafood street eats to the Michelin-starred restaurants spearheading a global experiential eating movement, this issue of SUITCASE celebrates culinary delights both near and far.

Expect sizzling West African suya on a city side street, a journey through pistachio groves in Turkish hills and basketfuls of foraged British fare, cooked over fire and devoured under the stars. Pull up a chair and take a bite.

London, UK; 190 x 245mm; 156 pages


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