• The Architectural Review #1495

The Architectural Review

The Architectural Review #1495

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The Architectural Review is a monthly architectural magazine. Its articles cover the built environment – which includes landscape, building design, interior design and urbanism – as well as the theory associated with these subjects.
In this issue:  In the beginning, there was energy. Everything since then has been an exercise in transforming energy from one state into another – food becomes labour, gas becomes electricity, fossil fuels become architecture. In this month’s keynote essay, Barnabas Calder writes: ‘In the millennia before fossil fuels, the circular economy was the only economically viable way to operate’. Recognising that architecture is formed from the fuel we extract to create and sustain it could be a transformative way of thinking about our built environment. This issue seeks to make visible the often obscured links between buildings and the energy sources they are built from, and around.z
London, UK; 230 x 280mm; 110 pages; Publishing since 1896
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