• The BitterSweet Review #1

The BitterSweet Review

The BitterSweet Review #1

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The BitterSweet Review is a biannual magazine (and online platform) featuring innovative short fiction, poetry, and essays by emerging and established writers. The BitterSweet Review draws on the grand tradition of literary magazines while paying homage to the history of illicit queer publishing.

The BitterSweet Review recognises that the literary world is too often promotes a high-brow, elite and monolithic culture which marginalises queer makers and ideas. The magazine wants to change that. They want to empower a young generation of queer artists and writers to make work that matters to them. They want to engage in meaningful, cross-generational conversations with peers, regardless of backgrounds and qualifications.

London, U.K.; biannual; 135mm x 190mm; 191 pages

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