• The Drift #9

The Drift

The Drift #9

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The Drift is a magazine of culture and politics. Founded in June 2020, The Drift aims to introduce new work and new ideas by young writers who haven’t yet been absorbed into the media hivemind and don’t feel hemmed in by the boundaries of the existing discourse. Published three times a year, each issue features longform essays and cultural criticism, short fiction, poetry, interviews, dispatches, and extremely abbreviated reviews.

In Issue #9:

Essays on ghouls, jewels, postcolonial hangovers, and the celebrification of Salmon Rushdie; An interview with Barbara Smith; Dispatches on breaking up (with) Big Tech; Fiction, poetry, extremely abbreviated reviews, and more.

New York, U.S.A; 176mm x 250mm; 180 pages; Winter 2023

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