• The European Review of Books #02

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The European Review of Books #02

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The European Review of Books is a magazine of culture and ideas, in print and online, in English and in a writer’s own tongue. We publish book-length print issues three times a year, and digital pieces each week. In 2021, we launched a crowdfunding campaign, to raise funds for early contributors, along with a digital opuscule of early essays, stories, and explorations.

In this issue: 
Issue Two of Europe’s new
république des lettres. Essays, reportage, interview, photography and experiment by writers from Europe and beyond. Wisdom for an anxious age and well-sharpened profanity for a vulgar one. New books, invented languages, resurrected darlings, and to every reader their own Dichter und Denker. Plus paranormal detectives and Chinese palindromes (read it twice!).

 Cornwall, United Kingdom; 200 x 270mm; 208 pages


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