• The Feathertale Review #22


The Feathertale Review #22

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The Feathertale Review is devoted to high- and low-brow humour. It is a collection of the best from content from their website in addition to original cartoons, interviews, works of poetry and short fiction that are previously unpublished.

In this issue: 
  • An insidious Russian plot to undermine America
  • Competitive pavement bickering over recipes
  • Doomsday prophecies from a bunch of monkeys
  • Intricate graphics from dusty old tomes
  • More Russians (this time at a community pool)
  • An unimpressive jaunt through the maritimes
  • A barn full of delicious . . . clowns
  • And 342 words about three words you’ll never forget
Ottawa, Ontario;  130 x 205mm; 118 pages
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