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The Future Of #2

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The Future Of is a quarterly magazine that seeks to reimagine, reclaim, and remap the future potentialities of ideas that are shaping contemporary society. With each issue, they aim to deconstruct, recontextualize, and critically tackle notions that can be recuperated as valuable tools in developing a toolkit for a more livable, more just future. It's made by the same folks who make Kajet.

In this issue: The Future of Ghosts. Why ghosts? Because longing for ghosts is a symptom of discontent with modern society, an indication that the present has become ungraspable and the future sterile. Our interest in ghosts is not a fringe eccentricity that signifies backwardness or sheer fascination with the obscure, but a consequential condition of our times. So, following these steps, instead of erasing ghosts, let’s honour their existence. 

Bucharest, Romania; 215 x 300mm; 128 pages; Launched in 2021

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