• The Gentlewoman #26

The Gentlewoman

The Gentlewoman #26

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The Gentlewoman celebrates modern women of style and purpose. Its fabulous biannual magazine offers a fresh and intelligent perspective on fashion that’s focused on personal style – the way women actually look, think and dress. 

In this issue: 
  • Josephine Philips talks about really investing in a start-up
  • Set designer Es Devlin presents a spectacular transformation while composer Natalie Holt recites the emotional highs of scoring a Star Wars soundtrack 
  • Fashion mastermind Trino Verkade concludes the chat with tales of brand-building prowess
  • Seven insights into the modern details of a life well spent
  • And a revolutionary study of accessories shows precisely how fashion goes round 

London and Amsterdam; 230 x 300 mm, 304 pages; Biannual; Autumn Winter 2022

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