• The Golfer’s Journal #23

The Golfer’s Journal

The Golfer’s Journal #23

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The art of golf storytelling. Stories not found anywhere else. The Golfer’s Journal is commercially quiet, editorially pure and delivered in a breathtaking, timeless quarterly. 


In this issue: 

From the creators of The Golfer’s Journal:

“Boundaries serve as invitations in No. 23, from a trip through Scotland’s backwater nine-holers to the man who turned a Long Island racetrack into The Bridge. A deep dive into Bernard Darwin’s remarkable golf life finds a man willing to risk it all for the game, while a crew of Canadian greenskeepers push past physical limits to keep a course open. New trails are blazed in the creation of The Creek, the rebuilding of Scioto, and side-splitting visions of Tiger, Annika and Rory. More adventures lie within, all asking the same question: How far will the game take you?”

San Clemente, California, U.S.A; 230x280mm; 136 pages 

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