• The Modern House #4

The Modern House

The Modern House #4

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The Modern House magazine surveys what it means to live in a thoughtful, considered way, both in and out of the home. It features originally commissioned photography, opinion pieces, long-form writing, interviews, Q&As and more. 

This spring/summer edition hones in on nature. The stories that make up this issue all celebrate ways of living that put nature at the fore and look to the natural world for either inspiration, solace, enjoyment or appreciation – and often all of these.

In this issue: The Aldington's at their '60s home discuss enjoying the pleasures of plants in the warmer months; Alex Tieghi-Walker tells why he’s happiest in his outdoor bath; A couple's ocean home and their native planting; A lesson in the art of sobremesa; A contemporary home contends with the beautiful but harsh weather of Scotland's north-west coast.

London, U.K.; 196mm x 265mm; 132 pages; spring/summer

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